Thoughts on Engagement Rings

Interesting thread overall. The pushback is ridiculous. I’m not shallow for wanting a token of engagement that’s worth something. I despise solitaire diamonds and the notion that anyone should spend two months salary on a ring—but—there better be some thought behind that ring. Newsflash: contemplating effect with a quality piece will (should) cost you some dinero.

If I’m with someone that spends $600 on a leather jacket but thinks it’s cool to propose with a low-cost ring from Kmart, we’re not going to be together long. It’s cool to buy me that Kmart ring. If I see it and say I like that. Sure, buy it, for my birthday or something. If you’re asking me to enter into a financial, and habitational contract that binds me to you, you better spend some time and money. It’s the thought that counts: the actual thought you put into purchasing a ring. That’s why Ms. Kendall’s tweet resonates with me. My spouse went to the jeweler and explained to him that I was fervently Polish, and announced (often) that I was a Queen.

The jeweler designed white gold red ruby and diamond cluster setting based on the crown-jewels of Poland. It was the trickiest shit I ever got, and I wished I had thought of it! My shit phone does it no justice, but I love that ring, as much as I love the man that gave it to me.

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