The Old and the New

I whispered the debut of my series at twitter today because Sundays are notoriously bad twitter days. A friend became concerned by this and began telling me how to promote. >_>

FYI: I’m Tina fucking Anderson man, no one promoted like the Gynocrat. I practically set the standard for self-promotional crap when I was in genre-comics. 0_0

If it seems like I’m not trying it’s not because I don’t think the series is worth it – far from it, Femitokon is my first shot a real prose and I think it’s damn good. I exist in a no pressure zone now. I’ve got no publisher telling me to sell shit, and no spouse depending on my work to pay the bills.

Peeps will read, or they won’t. No big deal. I’m also hyper realistic about selling fiction on Patreon as a writer with no established reader-base. No one is going to instantly support any non-comics series of mine at Patreon.

I’m a noob in every sense of the word, and no one is giving me money until there’s at least 3 or 4 episodes posted. It’s $4 a month and right now, there’s only $2 worth of content available. Most readers want to see a build-up of actual work posted before they commit, for fear of writer-flake. That totally makes sense given how some folks give up on a story after a period of time. If no one is reading it by March then I’ll know I’m the only one that cares about this series.

Since over 30 episodes are written I will keeping editing and posting; I hate leaving shit unfinished. 🙂

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