Page Visits and Such

I use WordPress for because it won’t count my visits to the site (for editorial or link-checking). While waiting for my bread to bake, I pulled up my stats for the last few months. Since October 1, I’ve had 465 unique visitors, with over 45,000 pageviews. It’s good to know that visitors are actually […]

Social Media Friends

My intent was to come on and apologize for “disappearing” from Facebook and Twitter, but I did warn you all that I was going away to concentrate on Femitokon. The Polish Athena blog is also going down – so I can focus on posting over at Patreon. You can always reach me at Facebook or […]


My editing schedule is clear enough; I’m just not sticking to it. Instead of doing a read-aloud pass of Suffocation, Monday through Thursday, I’ve been doing copyedits on the series bible, a task that occurs on Fridays. Why edit it at all? The series bible will be free to all visitors of the Femitokon patreon, […]