We had four straight days of rain, one day of intense humidity, and then a round of thunderstorms last night. I don’t recall PA being this rainy in the summer, but I’m not complaining. After living in Texas for almost 20 years and dealing with drought + 90 degree weather for eight months out of a year–I’ll take too much rain any day.

I threw my back out carrying an enormous case of bottled water into the house. My spouse was so angry at me for that–but no one stays mad at me forever. We’ve been spending our night watching Deep Space Nine – spouse missed the last two seasons because the Moog was born in ’98 and he lost touch with TV for awhile.

Edits are coming along for Episode Nine. I’m extremely frustrated by my lack of readership. Unique visitors at the compendium (the free stuff) is through the roof in terms of readers who stay and browse–but out of the 30 some unique visitors that come everyday with their many views, none of them subscribe to read the pay-content. Femitokon.com’s been open to the public since January – that’s more than enough time for a reader to acclimate – but no one seems interested. :/

Spouse thinks I should reconsider a Kindle/Epub edition just for the Suffocation arc. A way to get the word out on the series for readers that wouldn’t normally consider the subscription model. I’ll have to think about it. I killed the bot I had posting to twitter because it requires upkeep and no one seems interested in that that either because I got ZERO referral clicks from it.

The youngest is taking 4 classes this upcoming semester so that means they won’t be getting a job during school this year. I see being home a lot in their future.