Site Updates

Added an unsold horror short called Antshuldigt to the short story section and updated my current projects page with Femitokon’s new series arc.

Help Needed

Okay, I need help. I’ve hit the end of my development funds for the series (I make enough to cover web hosting right now). I’m 4 months into the series with 5 episodes posted, and I’ve got five subscribers (2 on Patreon & 3 on Visa/Paypal). I’m making $14 a (more…)


An opportunistic reconnect in 1500 words. #scifi #adult #dialogue #writing “Welcome to Solar System Social-” “I got a summons to be here,” she said to the personable gynoid behind the glass. “You owe me some money,” “Please relax,” the gynoid said. “Keep your eyes open for identification verification scanning,” A (more…)