Sunday Post

I took another production position to bring in some cash.

Wasn’t my plan, but the series isn’t raking in the $10 spots like I’d hoped. I’m lucky in that the readers I do have are cool as shit, so is the artist working on my covers – he’s willing to take a cut in pay.

Episode Seven third-draft edits begin tomorrow night. I’ll be spending my evenings on the series and my days working on somebody else-s intellectual property; I’ve effectively killed my short story writing time. I have more than a few plots worked out and some outlines finished, and I began a screenplay (for the first time in years). I have zero time now.

I noticed lots of folks coming here from Tumblr. That account is a rare Femitokon promotional thing but its mostly me sharing grabs of Jeffrey Combs along with horror & sci-fi stuff I like. Total fandom and feminist things, nothing relevant to writing or real life.

When the weather breaks (we went from snow to constant rain here in eastern PA) I’ll be getting back out with my camera and updating with some abandoned places, graveyards, and trees in their natural habitat. 0_0

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