Short Fiction

My writing style is like a horned bull in a wind-chime showroom; the occasional melody of show appears amidst a mess of hoof stomping tells. Most of my stories are erotic with a few chaste cuts served in a stew of unpleasantness.

I’m fond of examining weird themes and my focus is transgressions; someone always has it coming or they get what’s coming to them, deserved or no.

Fiction » HORROR » Crime
Fiction » HORROR » Jewish
Published: n/a | unsold short story (2018)
Placed Online 8/2018
Language: English
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Fiction » Crime » Dark Humor
Fiction » Erotic » Lesbian
Purchased: FHM Russia (4/2012)
Language: Russian
Rights Reverted to Author (6/2018)
Published 5/2018 | Language: English
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Boy 90Fiction » Science Fiction » Dystopic
Fiction » Erotic » Pegging
Published: Fetish Mimik (1/2012)
Language: Polish
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Published 2/2018 | Language: English
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Series Compendium – Free

Femitokon is a science fiction serial set on Ramaxicon (Earth) in the 23rd Century. It’s about a soldier-scholar named Sofita Kul and her struggle to inherit control of Ramaxia (Antarctica) from her murderous mother, the nation’s Primary, Fusa Kul.