Rights Update

I’ve had some back and forth with a Russian publisher involving a short story called Mine To Keep. They bought it and never published it because they decided to keep their fetish magazine purely image-driven. A poorly translated version was available online in various places for free because the actual version still belonged to them and a polished up version was frowned upon because they MIGHT MAYBE want to publish it…

I got the rights back for Boy 90 and put that back up all translated nice and pretty from the original Polish and so I reached out to the Russian’s back in January because their rights are about to end on the story come June.

The email I got back was like – if you want to buy it back we’ll sell it to you. 0_0 I said NO – I’ll just wait until your term runs out and republish with a new translation. I heard back about a month ago with a lecture that maybe this isn’t the best story to release since a trans person is victimized in it. I replied and attached the original email I got when the story was bought and an attachment proving that this was what the editor was looking for. There was some confusion in the submissions-call so I emailed to clarify what they were looking for: a humorous erotic piece with lesbians and a outrage-worthy victim (his words not mine). The story more than hit the mark, and that’s why he paid for it.

Today I got a new email with the original Russian language story attached and a polite reminder that their rights don’t technically end until June 18, 2018.

To quote Sheriff Marge from Fargo: Well, I’m sorry sir!


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