Print is Not Dead

Some of you know I’m a huge fanzine and self-publishing nerd. In my time as a fan-comic creator, I endeavoured to design beautiful books. Layout, prepress, binding, typography, cover and back-matter design; I did it all and I loved it.

These days, I get 99.9% of my fiction-fix digitally. There aren’t any cool fiction mags in print anymore that capture my interest– until I found these guys. I plan to release a Gynocrat Ink fanzine containing my episodic work at Patreon (years from now, yo) and this magazine truly sets the standard.

Pop Shot Mag is one of the most gorgeous anthologies still produced in print. The design that goes into their magazine, delights me. They publish fiction, poetry, and illustrations. The production crew deserves a medal, seriously.

No, I haven’t submitted to them (I don’t have time to write short fiction anymore) but wow, I’d be stoked if they published me.

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