Here are samples of my writing, story-building and scripting. I’ve included published work samples, and snippets from serial comics I wrote that remain incomplete (due to cancellation of a magazine, or a publisher’s lack of funds.) I’ve also included two tutorials that were posted at my old diary-site; semi-coherent displays of my production experience that show scripts tailored to specific artists whose first language isn’t English.

Adaptation and writing samples are from an unsold project called Amazonomachy: [Links to Dropbox] [Zip of all .doc Files]

Published Samples

Only Words


Loud Snow


Games With Me


Canceled Series

Roulette – Artist: Laura Zel Carboni – Publisher Failed After Publication


Sacrifice – Artist: Katarzyna Kara – Publisher Failed Before Publication


Making OEL Manga – Dramaqueen Blog Promotion

Digital Lettering on Lineart/Before Tones