Amazon Stores Wants You!

Dear Amazon,

Yes, I have a vendor number, but no I’m not going to let you help me “streamline my brand” to sell your shit.

Why, you ask?

You limited reader access to digital books with my name on them by plucking them from all genre-related searches then turned around and told me my Kindle sales were lagging–but you could make them better if I paid for prime search placement. See, that’s when I figured out you weren’t my lover, you were my pimp, and ended the relationship.

I sell old school print stock in the Market Place, and my distributors deal with you regarding my print books. In short, you can fuck off you fucking fucks*.

Love, Tina

*Struck-Through for those of you reading at work.

When You’re Not Writer’s Group Material.

I’m going to come off as a complete shit right now, but I want to talk about writers groups.

I’ve been invited to a few groups since I moved here, and when I check out the list of speakers and what kind of people are in the group (not writers, people) and find that if I have ZERO in common with them socially, I won’t make the effort.┬áNearly every reading group within driving distance of me is filled with older folks (or religious types) with no interest in sci fi, fantasy, or horror–don’t get me started on the lack of comics love. The groups I have found centered around those genres are made up of younger types and I’m not sure I want to hang out with young people.

My biggest sin of course is that I’m not writer’s group material.

Contrary to popular belief, I listen and appreciate criticism and feedback; unless you’re someone I do not respect. A lack of respect on my part goes a long way in how I take your constructive criticism; if you’re a complete ass then I’ll dismiss it, even if you delivery it to me in the nicest way possible. I know, I’m a child. I read ferociously, but what I read must be something I seek out, not something given to me. Writing groups are all about reciprocation, you read my work and I read yours. Yeah, no. It feels too much like high school at that point, or maybe that’s just my self-centeredness talking.

I’m certain I’m not alone.

Updated the site BTW, added Portfolio page with sample pages and things.
There are no doujinshi scans here, sorry.

Synth Stuff

Trigger warning: if you listened to and liked hair bands and metal, and still think classic rock is awesome, then this post will offend your head banging sensitivities.

I listened to an obscene amount of synth pop and post-punk techno in the 80’s. I still listen to most of the old shit, but I’ve discovered modern synth bands (around ten years ago) and love listening to them because their melodies take me back to my youth.

White Lies is the most pop-oriented, while Digitalism is pure club. Crystal Castles has an occasional song that doesn’t suck without a remix, but the purer synth bands like Virginia Wing, Au Revoir Simone, the Chromatics, the Actor, Morthem Vlade Art, and Laudanum, these bands are all responsible for my latest earworms.