Well Alrighty Then…

1. That time you ask for a signal boost from those on your Facebook in a position to help you, and you got nothing, so you did it again just to be sure they got your request, and you still got nothing.

My first reaction was to ditch all the non-family and non-friends on my Flist, but then I recognized that this isn’t about them, it’s about me. When I friended fellow media types, people I had signal boosted for in the past, I did so because as fellow creators we all need to be there for each other; but that’s not what Facebook is nowadays, is it? Facebook isn’t for networking or hitting up your friends to get the word out your latest Patreon or Kickstarter; it’s for socializing, sharing memes, and empathizing when your friends confront racial politics, sexism, or idiots that don’t understand how depression works.

I deactivated my account not due to being ignored or getting zero help, but because I cultivated a lion share of my Flist for all the wrong reasons. Instead of showing my ass and being a douche about it, I just deactivated and moved on.

2. That time you deactivated your Facebook account, and after a whole week, no one noticed or gave a shit. 0_0

Begging Strip

I’ve opened up the Femitokon Series Compendium and am trying to generate enough interest for readers to acclimate themselves to it before the release of Episode One. Speaking of Episode One, I’ve got the first 25 pages up for anyone interested in checking out my new work. Series begins 12/31/17


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