Old School Gay Fiction

Long ago, before BL-manga became mainstream, and gay-fiction remained strictly pornographic [NSFW], there was Aestheticm.com and VelvetMafia.com, and each site hosted fiction for their specific audience. I wrote some of that fiction, along with many writers who’ve gone onto to other things. I found a couple Velvet Mafia submissions on my computer today. Stories I wrote AGES ago when male homoerotic fiction fascinated me. It still turns me on, but my desire to write it has waned. I added a story over to my miniature Smashwords vault. If you’re into erotic gay fiction, you will enjoy it.

My Site Crashed 2016

The old WordPress theme I used on this page was near and dear to me. It fit, like a well-worn glove. The designer parted ways with WordPress.org and took his theme with him. My site went blank, and I had to choose a new design, one that may look wonky on the PC but kicks ass on a table, or a phone. Lovely. I find mobile site design lacking. Give me 1024 × 768, any day!

Many of you keep up with me at other places, don’t fret, those posts will migrate to here when I figure out how to do that.

Gratuitous cat photo:


That’s Jazzy-chan, sitting in HER room. The room technically belongs to my youngest, but they’re college bound, and so Jazzy’s laid claim.