Not Dirty Enough.

WARNING: Highly unprofessional verbiage ahead.


I didn’t work today because I prefer grocery shopping on the 31st with all the old folks spending their SS check on food, then to shopping with the jackasses that come out of the woodwork because it’s the 1st of the fucking month. /classist-bitch.

I have like three pieces of short fiction I sold for peanuts years ago listed for free over at Smashwords; I put them there because it’s easy to link to from my official site and requires ZERO from me. It’s the one fiction post site that’s mildly non-invasive. Then they started sending these “you got reviews” emails. I don’t read reviews, ever.

I used to, back when I wrote comics and desired feedback–but I discovered that you can’t please everyone and that one person you don’t please can be a complete dickhole for the sake of wanting your attention. Dickishness is native to that genre, so your mileage may vary if published in a genre with readers that are emotionally functional on the internet.

I don’t want Smashwords sending me reviews in email digest format because I see the first two or three lines of the review and BAM-I saw the review!

On a less irritated note, Boy 90 is popular on Smashwords though the gist of the reviews seem to feel that while it’s an interesting piece of dystopian pegging erotica, it’s not quite porn enough. I smile when I recall the back and forth I had with the editor (lovely Russian boy that also translated it for publication), who felt that Boy 90 was ‘pushing the boundary’ toward pornographic.

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