Gadarene no Longer on Nook

I’ve reached my breaking point with Nook Press. I’m shocked this didn’t happen sooner considering their parent company, Barnes & Noble, is the most user-unfriendly companies for small press publishers trying to sell print titles.

When Nook Press began, it was PubIt! A fresh and comfortable alternative to Kindle Direct that guaranteed your eBook would be available in’s “Nook Library.” Flash ahead to lackluster Nook sales and the Amazon KINDLE title glut, and PubIt becomes Nook Press. Under Nook Press my titles weren’t searchable anymore under the genre they were published in—you could only find them if you knew the title, the name of the artist, or the name of the writer. Amazon does this shit too now, and for a fee, they’ll make sure you get some primo search strings–but never offered this option. Of two platforms, sales were dismal (compared to Amazon) but steady. A few years ago, I gave the digital rights of the graphic novels I wrote and published, to the artists. If they upload the books in eBook format, they can sell them on their own and collect a royalty. I kept the print edition rights because those ISBNs were bought and paid for by me, and I shoulder the returns and distributor fees associating with selling print editions online and to brick and mortar stores.

Nook Press decided to get in on the self-publishing gravy that Amazon made look easy. They sent all their Nook Press eBook vendors (authors and pubs) a link to “learn about” their new print options. I clicked through and was prompted to log in a new and create an account. I tried using my old account info but was told that account existed… yada yada yada. I made the new account, read through the info and decided it’s not for me but now I know. A month passes, I get an email telling me that my bank info cannot be verified on my vendor account. I hadn’t changed banks in the move, so I was concerned. Lo and behold, Nook Press informs me I cannot have two active accounts! I sent an email to support explaining the only active account is the one I’ve been using for years (though I have only 1 title left on it–the horror novel, Gadarene). Then I get four emails in a row to each email address I have with willfully dense scripted explanations telling why I can’t have two accounts and how I need to log in and verify both accounts–but nothing shows me how to cancel either one. I do not suffer bots kindly, and my frustration mounted because I sell only one eBook through them at this point and I’ve been interrupted too much already.

I demanded a call. I got it and canceled both accounts.

I do still have a marketplace account for selling one of the titles, and my distributors continue to sell through Barnes & Noble.

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