Countdown Clocks and Decomps

Like that title? SEO that, bitches.

When in our old house, outside of Austin Texas, I didn’t have a writing-room apart from the house. I wrote in the bedroom vacated by my oldest (he moved out and got a life for himself). That room shared a wall with my spouse’s TV room. When I was doing the pacing and narrative pass on my Suffocation manuscript, my spouse was binge watching 24. Every fifteen minutes I would hear that blasted digital count-down clock. There are times when I’m alone now, and I hear it. I shudder.

A writer friend lamented the invasion of new story ideas during a challenging and time-consuming revision. We all get to a point during the editing of a book (for me it’s that proofreading stage before reading aloud) where you’re so sick of the book that you need a break. It’s during that break that great ideas come crashing in. Short stories, new sagas, seedlings that are so good, you can’t let that shit go! Unfortunately, you can’t stop what you’re working on because doing so means you’ll never finish anything you’ve written.

I collect Decomposition Books. What are those (you’re not asking)?

They’re composition books made of recycled material. I like them because they look cool. While working on the Femitokon series, there’s been times when ideas have overcome my brain to the point that if I don’t do something, they’re overwhelming. Two of them (one a new series, the other a big novel), are housed in Decomps. La Mestiza, and Amazonomachy. Each book has characters, settings, plots, and dialog, things I jot down when away from my edits.

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