Cost of Being Online and Writing.

I was checking out my annual expenses and noticed that my domain ( registered with Yahoo, doubled in price from last year. $34.95! Are you shitting me? I’ll be transferring to dreamhost where I’ll pay $13.95.

On that note, I make just enough in print sales to cover my annual expenses for maintaining an online presence, and writing new material and promoting it. My costs are about $520 bucks (until yahoo pulled a fast one with the domain upcharge); my annual print sales are roughly $530 to $550 dollars and this has been steady for the past four years (this does not include eBooks because I gave digital sales and distribution rights on those titles to the artists that drew them – except for one, she never got back to me on the offer). It’s a pathetic amount because I do ZERO promotion on those titles anymore, and they’re all quite dated.


  • GRAMMARLY          239.80
  • *SITE HOSTING       119.40 + 13.95 = 133.95
  • MS OFFICE                 99.00
  • YAHOO DOMAIN      34.95
  • WP NO ADS                30.00
  • WP DOMAIN              18.00

TOTAL COSTS:                 $ 520.15

As you can see, I bank about $10.00 a year on my back catalogue minus expenses and I notice when something doesn’t add up. Nice try, Yahoo. The goal is for the Femitokon Patreon to take over just the roughly $50 I give WordPress for the domain and ad-free blog.

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