Time Out

I’m having a complete shit fit right now while trying to navigate Deviantart’s submission process. It’s changed considerably since I was regular user (we’re talking over five years ago) and the fact that I’m furious and having a tantrum because it’s not easy or doing what I want it to do is a sign that I need to get off the fucking internet now.

3 Hours Until it’s Over

I got three hours left on this production job, and then I’m FINEETO!

The days will be mine again, giving me free time at night to get the hell off the computer.

I got to get my sci fi series ready for Patreon, remember what my spouse looks like, watch some Preacher, Orphan Black, People of Earth, and the Strain, ¬†and OMG – I’ve got two years worth of DBZ Abridged to catch up on!

Next week is all about enrolling the youngest in art school (I can kiss that 11k I made working on this production, goodbye!), getting to the beach before the summer ends, having my annual eye exam, and lighting a fire under my future daughter-in-law’s ass to get a job. The boy makes just enough to support them but if anything happens to him (knock wood) they’re screwed.

Gratuitous cat photo from my Instagram:




Project Update

The edits on the series bible are moving along; the goal is to finish them by July so that I can focus on preparing Suffocation (and Tactical Pursuits) for launch on Patreon at the end of December. The Patreon page is looking good thanks to some commissioned art from Daniel Hurtado.

In Absentia

I did not make my editorial deadline on my personal series before having to return to the production that pays my bills. I’m using every second of my free time to edit and prepare.

Blogging at OptiVoo will be sporadic.