Sunday Post

I took another production position to bring in some cash.

Wasn’t my plan, but the series isn’t raking in the $10 spots like I’d hoped. I’m lucky in that the readers I do have are cool as shit, so is the artist working on my covers – he’s willing to take a cut in pay.

Episode Seven third-draft edits begin tomorrow night. I’ll be spending my evenings on the series and my days working on somebody else-s intellectual property; I’ve effectively killed my short story writing time. I have more than a few plots worked out and some outlines finished, and I began a screenplay (for the first time in years). I have zero time now.

I noticed lots of folks coming here from Tumblr. That account is a rare Femitokon promotional thing but its mostly me sharing grabs of Jeffrey Combs along with horror & sci-fi stuff I like. Total fandom and feminist things, nothing relevant to writing or real life.

When the weather breaks (we went from snow to constant rain here in eastern PA) I’ll be getting back out with my camera and updating with some abandoned places, graveyards, and trees in their natural habitat. 0_0

Getting Off the Swivel Chair

Three anthologies have rejected my short story Antshuldigt – I’m cracking it open again this weekend and tightening it up. Got the rights back on Mine to Keep and posted in the short story section.

Over on Twitter, my requests for RTs got ignored, and I learned the hard way that Writing-Twitter is loaded with “Follow 4 Follow” people that don’t owe me shit. I stop “writing” on Twitter and use the account purely for promotion and updates relating to Femitokon. I also unfollowed a lot of fucking people.

My series picked up no new patrons and I’m out of funds for art and stuff. Time to get out of the chair and fine some “REAL WORK IN THE REAL WORLD.” I got a pitch meeting on a teleplay tomorrow that I know will tank–but if I present well enough, I could score another production assistant job (that’s my actual goal).

Rights Update

I’ve had some back and forth with a Russian publisher involving a short story called Mine To Keep. They bought it and never published it because they decided to keep their fetish magazine purely image-driven. A poorly translated version was available online in various places for free because the actual version still belonged to them and a polished up version was frowned upon because they MIGHT MAYBE want to publish it…

I got the rights back for Boy 90 and put that back up all translated nice and pretty from the original Polish and so I reached out to the Russian’s back in January because their rights are about to end on the story come June.

The email I got back was like – if you want to buy it back we’ll sell it to you. 0_0 I said NO – I’ll just wait until your term runs out and republish with a new translation. I heard back about a month ago with a lecture that maybe this isn’t the best story to release since a trans person is victimized in it. I replied and attached the original email I got when the story was bought and an attachment proving that this was what the editor was looking for. There was some confusion in the submissions-call so I emailed to clarify what they were looking for: a humorous erotic piece with lesbians and a outrage-worthy victim (his words not mine). The story more than hit the mark, and that’s why he paid for it.

Today I got a new email with the original Russian language story attached and a polite reminder that their rights don’t technically end until June 18, 2018.

To quote Sheriff Marge from Fargo: Well, I’m sorry sir!