December 2018

I apologize for not updating this blog as much as I should. I update my Instagram daily (mostly cooking and cats), so you can follow me over there if you like.

It’s the second day of Hanukkah (third night)! I’ve been balancing my real life with my writing the next three episodes of Femitokon. I finished the episodes (my NaNoWriMo challenge), and now I’m editing the first portion that will end up being Episode 12. I can’t believe I’m this far in, and I’m proud of my output. No one’s reading, but oddly I’m okay with that.


I’ll be getting paid for an October production project at the end of the month, and it should be enough to wipe out the last of the 12k debt the spouse, and I incurred furnishing this house, replacing the broken AC, and paying off the remainder of the youngster’s college classes. We’re going to start 2019 off the way we began 2016–practically debt free. πŸ™‚

My spouse continues to see a neurologist about the nerve damage in his spine. His walking hasn’t improved, and my heart breaks for him. Despite working in software and drafting, he’s been active all his life (hiking, tennis, hunting) and now he can do nothing that requires walking. His drop-foot is visible now when he’s in public, and sometimes people stare; the fact that he’s aware of it bothers me more than it does him–but then he was always mentally more together than me. πŸ™‚

The youngest has five more classes to complete their degree–they lack any real motivation to get out there and score a job, so it’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes them to find their place in the world. The oldest remains in Texas, and though we’ve been gently suggesting he seek a more stable long-term career option, he plans to stay with Mayfield in their DQ location for another year. His girlfriend finally got a full-time job at an assisted care facility and is making the same wage rate – this takes the pressure off him and enables her to gain some confidence in their adulting endeavors.

Van Helsing - Season 2

Van Helsing is back on SyFy! I like this show even though some friends have dismissed it. Z Nation is dead to me; it’s too far gone to keep my interest. I’ve completely lost touch with Walking Dead mainly because we made the switch to Hulu Live TV. This past run of Channel Zero was immensely cool (Pretzel Jack!) and I’m caught up on Man in the High Castle, Harlots, American Horror Story, and Castle Rock.

I think I’ll end this post now and will try to blog more in 2019?

Who Opened the Windows?

Look at this shit, yous’ guys: gray hair. Gray fucking hair. I’m just shy of fifty and it’s coming for me like a long lost holiday. It’s been almost a month, miss me? I’ve started swimming laps at the convent down the street from my house. They’re the Sisters of Convalescence (the nuns run a hospice on the grounds for elderly Catholics), and my Jewish ass loves the $3.50 rate to use their isolated lap pool.

I’ve knuckled down on editing Episode Six of the Femitokon series because my great dicking-off last month had me scrambling to finish edits on Episode Five. Also, I’m deleting the Facebook Page for Femitokon. Since attaching an anti-data-mining program to my browser, Facebook overall has become a chore. It takes several minutes to load, several minutes to post, and several minutes to leave. I don’t need that shit, I’m going gray as it is.

Tumblr is feeding my incessant need to nerd out on old school horror and scifi – the re-blogs also make me smile, and smiles are hard to come by on the internet these days.

The spouse caved and demanded we reacquire Netflix. I told him he couldn’t live without it but the point required proving.

We’re watching Lost in Space – I truly dig it. I’ve also spent what little free time I have catching up with Jessica Jones and scouring my Roku for all things Jeffrey Combs. ‘Would You Rather‘ got me reminiscing about the days when I was a horror-obsessed skatebetty in high school, and Herbert West was the man I masturbated too once I figured bothering my clitoris produced orgasms. Combs is aging like a fine wine – he’s a potent muse.

SyFy began airing new episodes of the Expanse without really telling anyone; they’re employing the History Channel’s shitastic non-promotional approach to the formidable Vikings. WTF, SyFy? On that note, I fucking loved the last Channel Zero run. Butcher’s Block was brilliant “mental-illness horror” that didn’t treat its afflicted protagonists like raging freak-shows or make them the villains.

Until next time…

We Got This

I live in a time when my generation, and my children’s generation, will never advance–because there’s just too many of the generation before us that are unwilling to step aside and allow us the world.

I live in a time when the Presidency and the Press is a circus. We got this, though. I honestly believe we got this. When the frustration that this shit is happening in our day and age begins to abate, we’ll come back strong.

We Got This.