December 2018

I apologize for not updating this blog as much as I should. I update my Instagram daily (mostly cooking and cats), so you can follow me over there if you like. It’s the second day of Hanukkah (third night)! I’ve been balancing my real life with my writing the next (more…)

October 2018

It’s been over two months! Lots happening to me on and off the computer, but I just found out an online friend (another writer) is going through a health scare and her situation serves to remind me that my problems are minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

Who Opened the Windows?

Look at this shit, yous’ guys: gray hair. Gray fucking hair. I’m just shy of fifty and it’s coming for me like a long lost holiday. It’s been almost a month, miss me? I’ve started swimming laps at the convent down the street from my house. They’re the Sisters of (more…)