It’s June

Haven’t updated here in some time so here I go – I’m on a phone so forgive the lightning fast tone and the occasional spelling error.

Episode 7 posted of my new series (check it out here). I can’t believe I’m at seven episodes already. I got a story out there in submission land but I think I’m going to pull it and just post it this site. My portfolio is dated and I need to fix that. BTW, if you’re interested in my writing diary and short stories, I do post them as part of the Femitokon/Patron subscription ($2 a month)

Real life has been fun – saw Depeche Mode in Philly last week with my youngest, the oldest is still adulting thousands of miles away and his latest trial is attempting to get a new apartment. My thyroid is trying to quit on me again, but the only thing adversely affected by this is my instagram account (my hands shake bad enough to ruin any pics I try to take with my phone).

I’ve been geeking out at Tumblr where my “Promotional Account” has become the all things fandom account. It’s been fun and therapeutic to be around like minded people.

Still alive and still writing.


Getting Off the Swivel Chair

Three anthologies have rejected my short story Antshuldigt – I’m cracking it open again this weekend and tightening it up. Got the rights back on Mine to Keep and posted in the short story section.

Over on Twitter, my requests for RTs got ignored, and I learned the hard way that Writing-Twitter is loaded with “Follow 4 Follow” people that don’t owe me shit. I stop “writing” on Twitter and use the account purely for promotion and updates relating to Femitokon. I also unfollowed a lot of fucking people.

My series picked up no new patrons and I’m out of funds for art and stuff. Time to get out of the chair and fine some “REAL WORK IN THE REAL WORLD.” I got a pitch meeting on a teleplay tomorrow that I know will tank–but if I present well enough, I could score another production assistant job (that’s my actual goal).

Help Needed

Okay, I need help.

I’ve hit the end of my development funds for the series (I make enough to cover web hosting right now). I’m 4 months into the series with 5 episodes posted, and I’ve got five subscribers (2 on Patreon & 3 on Visa/Paypal). I’m making $14 a month ( thanks to my Patreon backers giving me $4 a month <3 ). Right now, I’ve no more funds for cover art for episodes 7-9 (the Internal Vision arc) and no way to pay an editor (relying solely on grammarly is no way to go through life).

It’s entirely my fault because I’ve done ZERO in the way of promotion for the paid content. I’ve hyped the free Series Compendium at, and that’s getting more readers every day, (so I know there’s interest!) but now I need subscribers.

It’s $2 a month, less than a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. If you subscribe now you get all the patrons-only stuff (episodes 1-5, plus deleted scenes, and some short story extras). If you have a genre platform (serial fic, LGBT fic, feminist sci-fi, light novels), or know someone that does, I’d be happy to share the Suffocation arc (eps 1-3) for review. If you just can’t afford the episodes but are digging the world-building at – please spread the word, signal-boost, I’m begging you here – help a writer out.

Thanks so much for this, I appreciate it!
Tina Anderson

Who Opened the Windows?

Look at this shit, yous’ guys: gray hair. Gray fucking hair. I’m just shy of fifty and it’s coming for me like a long lost holiday. It’s been almost a month, miss me? I’ve started swimming laps at the convent down the street from my house. They’re the Sisters of Convalescence (the nuns run a hospice on the grounds for elderly Catholics), and my Jewish ass loves the $3.50 rate to use their isolated lap pool.

I’ve knuckled down on editing Episode Six of the Femitokon series because my great dicking-off last month had me scrambling to finish edits on Episode Five. Also, I’m deleting the Facebook Page for Femitokon. Since attaching an anti-data-mining program to my browser, Facebook overall has become a chore. It takes several minutes to load, several minutes to post, and several minutes to leave. I don’t need that shit, I’m going gray as it is.

Tumblr is feeding my incessant need to nerd out on old school horror and scifi – the re-blogs also make me smile, and smiles are hard to come by on the internet these days.

The spouse caved and demanded we reacquire Netflix. I told him he couldn’t live without it but the point required proving.

We’re watching Lost in Space – I truly dig it. I’ve also spent what little free time I have catching up with Jessica Jones and scouring my Roku for all things Jeffrey Combs. ‘Would You Rather‘ got me reminiscing about the days when I was a horror-obsessed skatebetty in high school, and Herbert West was the man I masturbated too once I figured bothering my clitoris produced orgasms. Combs is aging like a fine wine – he’s a potent muse.

SyFy began airing new episodes of the Expanse without really telling anyone; they’re employing the History Channel’s shitastic non-promotional approach to the formidable Vikings. WTF, SyFy? On that note, I fucking loved the last Channel Zero run. Butcher’s Block was brilliant “mental-illness horror” that didn’t treat its afflicted protagonists like raging freak-shows or make them the villains.

Until next time…