Matrimonial Incursion

The spouse staged an intervention on Thursday.

My writing takes up too much of my time as an empty-nestor with a sexually capable spouse. Since he’s also my doctorate-holding proofreader, I must heed when he dispenses desires pertaining to his role in my writing.

I was forced to admit that 15 days isn’t enough time to revise and edit episodes that are roughly 20k a shot. Not when I take time out to do quickie freelance production projects and write the occasional horror short.

I altered the release schedule at Patreon and lowered the monthly price to reflect the release of one episode per month; my weekends are thus reserved for the spouse (+ social media promos & other nonsense).

See you next week.

Found a Cool One

Back in the 80’s there was a “Create Ceramics” retail movement. We had one crop up in our part of town (down the street). You went into the studio/shop and chose a white statuette or figurine. You then painted it, they would fire it (to cook that paint on), and you had the option to glaze it – to make it shiny. You paid for the statuette and the paints and the brushes–it was somewhat therapeutic.

Each little shop had their unique collection of figurines to choose from–but some used standard factory molds – one of these was the owl umbrella stand. I’ve seen these in various yard sales, resale shops, and so-called antique malls. Some are amazing–but too detailed for my taste. I love owls, but I prefer animal figures that don’t look like real-wildlife. I managed to find the owl umbrella stand, and someone painted it in white and black.

Bless you, someone!

A little goo-b-gone and a palmolive wash and it will be perfect.