Who Opened the Windows?

Look at this shit, yous’ guys: gray hair. Gray fucking hair. I’m just shy of fifty and it’s coming for me like a long lost holiday. It’s been almost a month, miss me? I’ve started swimming laps at the convent down the street from my house. They’re the Sisters of Convalescence (the nuns run a hospice on the grounds for elderly Catholics), and my Jewish ass loves the $3.50 rate to use their isolated lap pool.

I’ve knuckled down on editing Episode Six of the Femitokon series because my great dicking-off last month had me scrambling to finish edits on Episode Five. Also, I’m deleting the Facebook Page for Femitokon. Since attaching an anti-data-mining program to my browser, Facebook overall has become a chore. It takes several minutes to load, several minutes to post, and several minutes to leave. I don’t need that shit, I’m going gray as it is.

Tumblr is feeding my incessant need to nerd out on old school horror and scifi – the re-blogs also make me smile, and smiles are hard to come by on the internet these days.

The spouse caved and demanded we reacquire Netflix. I told him he couldn’t live without it but the point required proving.

We’re watching Lost in Space – I truly dig it. I’ve also spent what little free time I have catching up with Jessica Jones and scouring my Roku for all things Jeffrey Combs. ‘Would You Rather‘ got me reminiscing about the days when I was a horror-obsessed skatebetty in high school, and Herbert West was the man I masturbated too once I figured bothering my clitoris produced orgasms. Combs is aging like a fine wine – he’s a potent muse.

SyFy began airing new episodes of the Expanse without really telling anyone; they’re employing the History Channel’s shitastic non-promotional approach to the formidable Vikings. WTF, SyFy? On that note, I fucking loved the last Channel Zero run. Butcher’s Block was brilliant “mental-illness horror” that didn’t treat its afflicted protagonists like raging freak-shows or make them the villains.

Until next time…

New Alien Covenant Trailer

What I gather from it is that someone has sent some human mating pairs to a planet that’s already got an active Queen Xenomorph.

Talk about some unethical cross-pollination.

I wonder if one of those female senators that run the Predator culture is trying to breed the ultimate prey-planet?