December 2018

I apologize for not updating this blog as much as I should. I update my Instagram daily (mostly cooking and cats), so you can follow me over there if you like. It’s the second day of Hanukkah (third night)! I’ve been balancing my real life with my writing the next (more…)

Father’s Day

No one prepares you for the day your kids grow up and leave the house. You raise them to be self-sufficient, and you’re there to counsel them on making decisions both bad and good – but getting used to them not being in the house will forever be strange. I (more…)

Not Scary

This is the first year I didn’t decorate for Halloween, nor am I handing out candy. My deadline is looming and I cannot afford to spend any free time on anything else–the spouse did talk me into attending a Halloween party this weekend. It was easier to just say yes. I’m going (more…)