Matrimonial Incursion

The spouse staged an intervention on Thursday.

My writing takes up too much of my time as an empty-nestor with a sexually capable spouse. Since he’s also my doctorate-holding proofreader, I must heed when he dispenses desires pertaining to his role in my writing.

I was forced to admit that 15 days isn’t enough time to revise and edit episodes that are roughly 20k a shot. Not when I take time out to do quickie freelance production projects and write the occasional horror short.

I altered the release schedule at Patreon and lowered the monthly price to reflect the release of one episode per month; my weekends are thus reserved for the spouse (+ social media promos & other nonsense).

See you next week.

3 Hours Until it’s Over

I got three hours left on this production job, and then I’m FINEETO!

The days will be mine again, giving me free time at night to get the hell off the computer.

I got to get my sci fi series ready for Patreon, remember what my spouse looks like, watch some Preacher, Orphan Black, People of Earth, and the Strain,  and OMG – I’ve got two years worth of DBZ Abridged to catch up on!

Next week is all about enrolling the youngest in art school (I can kiss that 11k I made working on this production, goodbye!), getting to the beach before the summer ends, having my annual eye exam, and lighting a fire under my future daughter-in-law’s ass to get a job. The boy makes just enough to support them but if anything happens to him (knock wood) they’re screwed.

Gratuitous cat photo from my Instagram:




Infiltration | инфильтрация

So the youngest and I were shopping post-shabbos and got to talking about the political situation here in the U.S. I’m a woman and my youngest is a trans person, so the administration in power at this time is good for neither of us. After some serious venting, the youngest said something I found hilarious. We’re experiencing Reagan’s worst nightmare: Russia has infiltrated our capitalism and our government. They only wished that Reagan could be dug up and put in a wheelchair so that he could enjoy the show firsthand, like the rest of us.

I laughed.