Prepping Episode One for Audio

My #scifisat social media sharing day is being spent prepping my pronunciations for audio-bot reading.

More and more readers are opting to listen to their eBooks (thanks Alexa!) and when creating scifi with alien-type names, listening to the bot-reader mutilate your cool names for things, can be soul crushing. I’m lucky in that I have an ebook-maker program that allows me to build a lexicon with a pronunciation guide that attaches to the .mobi or ePub file.

It also allows me to make my own audio (audible type) file. I have ZERO time to sit and read each episode out loud. 0_0 I know from experience that 20k words is about 30 hours worth of recording and edits. Sigh.


Cost of Being Online and Writing.

I was checking out my annual expenses and noticed that my domain ( registered with Yahoo, doubled in price from last year. $34.95! Are you shitting me? I’ll be transferring to dreamhost where I’ll pay $13.95.

On that note, I make just enough in print sales to cover my annual expenses for maintaining an online presence, and writing new material and promoting it. My costs are about $520 bucks (until yahoo pulled a fast one with the domain upcharge); my annual print sales are roughly $530 to $550 dollars and this has been steady for the past four years (this does not include eBooks because I gave digital sales and distribution rights on those titles to the artists that drew them – except for one, she never got back to me on the offer). It’s a pathetic amount because I do ZERO promotion on those titles anymore, and they’re all quite dated.


  • GRAMMARLY          239.80
  • *SITE HOSTING       119.40 + 13.95 = 133.95
  • MS OFFICE                 99.00
  • YAHOO DOMAIN      34.95
  • WP NO ADS                30.00
  • WP DOMAIN              18.00

TOTAL COSTS:                 $ 520.15

As you can see, I bank about $10.00 a year on my back catalogue minus expenses and I notice when something doesn’t add up. Nice try, Yahoo. The goal is for the Femitokon Patreon to take over just the roughly $50 I give WordPress for the domain and ad-free blog.

Well Alrighty Then…

1. That time you ask for a signal boost from those on your Facebook in a position to help you, and you got nothing, so you did it again just to be sure they got your request, and you still got nothing.

My first reaction was to ditch all the non-family and non-friends on my Flist, but then I recognized that this isn’t about them, it’s about me. When I friended fellow media types, people I had signal boosted for in the past, I did so because as fellow creators we all need to be there for each other; but that’s not what Facebook is nowadays, is it? Facebook isn’t for networking or hitting up your friends to get the word out your latest Patreon or Kickstarter; it’s for socializing, sharing memes, and empathizing when your friends confront racial politics, sexism, or idiots that don’t understand how depression works.

I deactivated my account not due to being ignored or getting zero help, but because I cultivated a lion share of my Flist for all the wrong reasons. Instead of showing my ass and being a douche about it, I just deactivated and moved on.

2. That time you deactivated your Facebook account, and after a whole week, no one noticed or gave a shit. 0_0