I was part of the Original English Language micro-manga boom that occurred in the mid-2000’s. [See Anthology Work] I called what I was writing (and what many talented people were creating) GloBL to set us apart from the genre that originated in Japan and is still being made there. After some disappointing experiences and the sales slump, I ended my career in comics producing two of my own graphic novels.

Games with Me (Omnibus)
ARTIST: Lynsley Brito
Amazon | | Wholesale
ISBN: 978-0974419558
Gynocrat Ink
GloBL (Global BoysLove Manga)
English | 06/2012

Loud Snow
TITLE: Loud Snow
ARTIST: Amelie Belcher
Amazon | | Wholesale
ISBN: 978-0974419534
Gynocrat Ink
GloBL (Global BoysLove Manga)
English | 07/2010

Novel: Gadarene
TITLE: Gadarene
Co-Author: c.b. Potts
Amazon |
Wholesale Code: 6W37MV6R
ISBN: 978-0974419527
Gynocrat Ink
Horror (Paranormal/GLBT/Historical)
English | 01/2008

Only WordsTITLE: Only Words
ARTIST: Caroline Monaco
Amazon |
ISBN: 978-0979466717
Iris Print
GLBT Graphic Novel
English | German | Polish

Diplomatic ImmunityTITLE: Diplomatic Immunity
ARTIST: Caroline Monaco
FOR SALE: Class Comics (NSFW)
ISBN: Official for Publisher
Class Comics
Gay Erotic Comics
English |5/2005


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