Prepping Episode One for Audio

My #scifisat social media sharing day is being spent prepping my pronunciations for audio-bot reading.

More and more readers are opting to listen to their eBooks (thanks Alexa!) and when creating scifi with alien-type names, listening to the bot-reader mutilate your cool names for things, can be soul crushing. I’m lucky in that I have an ebook-maker program that allows me to build a lexicon with a pronunciation guide that attaches to the .mobi or ePub file.

It also allows me to make my own audio (audible type) file. I have ZERO time to sit and read each episode out loud. 0_0 I know from experience that 20k words is about 30 hours worth of recording and edits. Sigh.


Found a Cool One

Back in the 80’s there was a “Create Ceramics” retail movement. We had one crop up in our part of town (down the street). You went into the studio/shop and chose a white statuette or figurine. You then painted it, they would fire it (to cook that paint on), and you had the option to glaze it – to make it shiny. You paid for the statuette and the paints and the brushes–it was somewhat therapeutic.

Each little shop had their unique collection of figurines to choose from–but some used standard factory molds – one of these was the owl umbrella stand. I’ve seen these in various yard sales, resale shops, and so-called antique malls. Some are amazing–but too detailed for my taste. I love owls, but I prefer animal figures that don’t look like real-wildlife. I managed to find the owl umbrella stand, and someone painted it in white and black.

Bless you, someone!

A little goo-b-gone and a palmolive wash and it will be perfect.