Social Media Friends

My intent was to come on and apologize for “disappearing” from Facebook and Twitter, but I did warn you all that I was going away to concentrate on Femitokon. The Polish Athena blog is also going down – so I can focus on posting over at Patreon. You can always (more…)

Countdown Clocks and Decomps

Like that title? SEO that, bitches. When in our old house, outside of Austin Texas, I didn’t have a writing-room apart from the house. I wrote in the bedroom vacated by my oldest (he moved out and got a life for himself). That room shared a wall with my spouse’s (more…)

Polish Athena still Active

FYI: my personal blog, Polish Athena, is still around. I update it once a week with personal things and navel gazing about books, comics, tv shows, and films. It’s not Guns, Guys, and Yaoi, anymore (not for a long time)┬áit’s only me.