My youngest’s birthday is on April 2, and I found this tricked out Hello Kitty shower curtain that would’ve looked awesome in their bathroom. The seller flaked, though, never shipped or responded to my emails. ūüôĀ I needed to have it by 3/31 so ordering it again from another vendor (I can only find the damn thing at Amazon) will result in me paying too much just to get it here on time.

Due to a selling glitch at Amazon (where my titles are still available!) I have begun selling author copies of Only Words at BN.com. I cannot control the price of Games with Me or Loud Snow, as they are handled by a¬†distributor, but the Only Words¬†stock is my own and so I’m selling copies for $5 plus shipping.


I have spent weeks slashing through the first draft of this second novel, and I’ve arrived at the sickening realization that I must excise¬†half of it. That’s 30k plus words out the window because I cannot make one plot line mesh with another. I’ve tried, and it’s just not working.