Cost of Being Online and Writing.

I was checking out my annual expenses and noticed that my domain ( registered with Yahoo, doubled in price from last year. $34.95! Are you shitting me? I’ll be transferring to dreamhost where I’ll pay $13.95.

On that note, I make just enough in print sales to cover my annual expenses for maintaining an online presence, and writing new material and promoting it. My costs are about $520 bucks (until yahoo pulled a fast one with the domain upcharge); my annual print sales are roughly $530 to $550 dollars and this has been steady for the past four years (this does not include eBooks because I gave digital sales and distribution rights on those titles to the artists that drew them – except for one, she never got back to me on the offer). It’s a pathetic amount because I do ZERO promotion on those titles anymore, and they’re all quite dated.


  • GRAMMARLY          239.80
  • *SITE HOSTING       119.40 + 13.95 = 133.95
  • MS OFFICE                 99.00
  • YAHOO DOMAIN      34.95
  • WP NO ADS                30.00
  • WP DOMAIN              18.00

TOTAL COSTS:                 $ 520.15

As you can see, I bank about $10.00 a year on my back catalogue minus expenses and I notice when something doesn’t add up. Nice try, Yahoo. The goal is for the Femitokon Patreon to take over just the roughly $50 I give WordPress for the domain and ad-free blog.

Not Scary

This is the first year I didn’t decorate for Halloween, nor am I handing out candy. My deadline is looming and I cannot afford to spend any free time on anything else–the spouse did talk me into attending a Halloween party this weekend. It was easier to just say yes.

I’m going as the Masque of the Red Death– and my mask will be a raven’s beak with feathers. It’s last year’s unused costume that lets me celebrate my love for Poe, and mourn the Ravens performance this year that began with that shitshow in London.

Time Out

I’m having a complete shit fit right now while trying to navigate Deviantart’s submission process. It’s changed considerably since I was regular user (we’re talking over five years ago) and the fact that I’m furious and having a tantrum because it’s not easy or doing what I want it to do is a sign that I need to get off the fucking internet now.